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A Pole Barn For All Of Your Storage Needs

A pole barn Oklahoma City is a metal sheathed building that’s frame is either made of wood or steel. Today steel is preferred because it is cheap, strong and durable.

So if you need a pole barn but do not want to deal with the bother of building one, then you will want to call us or visit our website for more information. Our buildings contain everything from simple screws to roofing materials to build a pole barn from the ground up. Being constructed from metal instead of wood means that worries of rot and insect infestation are nil. You may want to consider a concrete foundation although it is not necessary as a compacted dirt floor will work too if you don’t want to have the added expense.

pole barn for all of your storage needsThis type of construction has been in use since the idea of stables as a shelter for horses was conceived. The techniques originated in the pole barn, which was a quick and economical method of adding outbuildings on a farm as agriculture shifted to equipment dependent and capital intensive agriculture — necessitating sheltering tractors, harvesters, wagons and the like in much greater quantities and sizes.

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Around North America, many pole built structures are still readily seen in rural and industrial areas, for the galvanized steel siding and roofing of the thirties has proven to be very durable as was much of the shed style vertically oriented plank siding. Since modern tools and materials were not available earlier, this was the easiest way of constructing a barn.

The fundamentals of constructing such barns was burying poles deep into the ground and using animal skins to shape the roof and sides. Presently, steel or other lightweight materials substitute animal skins.

This kind of barn was cost effective and environmentally friendly. The term pole barn refers to the frame of the building. A pole barn used to be used solely for livestock, but now this building can provide you with a covered space no matter what you want to protect. In the past, these types of structures were built with premium lumber, but overtime steel has replaced lumber as the primary building .

Steel trusses that comply with building codes for each state,  metal roofing and siding for the finishing, waterproof touches and even the fasteners plus the trim for the roof, walls and doors too can be included. Today, although wood is still used, metal is fast becoming the preferred method of construction.

Pole barns come in normal square or rectangle shapes that begin small and working their way up to as be big as warehouse sized. A pole barn is traditionally used for agricultural use. This can be a great and affordable addition to a property.

You can have animals on your property and you can provide an affordable shelter. Livestock can provide a great income on the land you own and providing the right building can help you provide a place to raise any type of animal.

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These buildings are being built for those folks who have a lot of projects to work on. This makes it easy to stay out of weather while also staying out of the wife’s hair. A workshop for any kind of project is a perfect use for one of these buildings. Woodworking, car repair or welding projects can be done in the dry comfort of one of these buildings.

Pole Barn Prices Are Lower Than They Have Ever Been

Pole barn prices have never been lower thanks to advanced metal forming techniques and new labor saving practices. They may even come in kit form and which allows you to construct this building yourself. One advantage to pole barn kits is their low cost and convenience. If the cost of the project is an important concern for you, then be sure to compare the cost of a kit to that of buying all of the components on your own.

You will still need to rent lifts and bracing and perhaps even hire additional labor in order to construct your building. Why go to all that trouble when for just a few dollars more we can have our installers build it for you? In addition, while it may take you a couple of weeks or more our craftsman can have it up in a matter of hours.

The size of your pole barn will influence the price. Of course, a smaller barn will be more affordable then a larger one. You should determine the need you have in a barn and then make sure that you are providing adequate space in your barn. You should also consider future growth and this can affect the size of barn. In order to get a the type and size of building you need, you will probably want to make a list of your needs, both current and future, size of the area you have to work with and your budget.

After this, give us a call and we will offer you many ideas and pole barn prices for your consideration.

Design Is Simple

The design of most pole barns is simple. Poles make up the outer walls and support the roof system, usually pre engineered metal trusses with a roof sheathing. Poles are usually spaced 4-5′ apart, with the trusses bearing directly on the poles. Some variations in design call for truss carrying beams between the posts with trusses sitting on them.

The exterior walls consist of girts attached horizontally to the post with the exterior sheathing attached to the them. Exterior walls may be finished with corrugated metal, plywood sheathing, vinyl siding, or other cladding. Roof materials are generally high ribbed steel but may be finished using any typical roofing product.

Deciding on the right pole barn design is the first thing you need to do to construct this building. When you choose carefully, the entire process will go more smoothly.

You can purchase both pole barn plans and pole barn kits online. These kits include most of the things you will need to start building your pole barn. Many of these kits even include the tools you’ll need. Naturally, some things such as cement for the foundation of the building won’t be included, so make a list of the items you will need to purchase separately from the kit if you decide that a kit is the way you want to go.

If you are ready to build a pole barn now, make sure to call us today and get the right advice.

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